About Mark

Dear Readers;

I am an ambitious college student hoping to share a fresh perspective of  finance, economics, and business as learn it.


Outside of school I enjoy a few extracurriculars mainly archery, mountain biking, and rock climbing. I also enjoy chess; you can probably find me on chess.com under the name soccersenator if you would like to challenge me :). I am a huge world cup fan too!

Author’s Business Origin (continually in progress):

I was born a capitalist. I figured out currency is medium of exchange almost the same time I learned how to walk. I remember wanting to go into business with my mom selling blueberry cookies, but all (future) entrepreneurs must start somewhere. Right? Right. Right!

When I was eleven I watched the movie Dodge Ball and had difficulty comprehending how the main character acquired his opponent’s corporate business through investing. Since then I have become ever more curious in stock investments and finance overall.

Between the time I was twelve and eighteen I began spending summers with my aunt and uncle who had built their business from the ground up. I spent several summers with them and witnessed the ups and downs, mistakes and triumphs, and the pros and cons of running a business till they sold it and retired. The soft skills, management principles, and business strategies I learned there are among most valuable I have received till this day.

During high school I found out a coach/faculty member was a stock market investor during the day. So I pestered him to teach me about stocks and investments. He agreed, but under the condition that I would read One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch. I read the book. I found that my high school mentor’s investing approach was more of a speculative technical method than what Peter Lynch had written. Since then I have been inspired to explore the different realms of finance.

Currently I am a Senior at California State University East Bay.