Reflection & New Year’s Outlook

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Attribute to Peter Thoeny

Attribute to Peter Thoeny

Reflection on 2015:

Let’s start with the good. I learned a lot about time management, goal setting, social media marketing using hoot suite, and WordPress. I was constantly researching topics and ideas that I had jotted down which resulted in a lot of new knowledge.

As an eager and optimistic student, I was and still am looking to others for interesting ideas, know-how, and examples of refreshing blogs with fun but informative content. I spoke to many people online and off which had great advice.

Now the bad (lessons learned).

  1. Like other newbie bloggers, the most discouraging mistake I made was paying too much attention to details which took time away from blogging and learning about the things that mattered most to me. I had this big elaborate detailed plan for launching an “incredible and resourceful” blog; but as I have learned, launching a blog is more like business, where entrepreneurs usually need to start small and build their business up.
    1. I am my own worst critic. I wrote and rewrote a lot of content that never ended up on the blog partly because I paid too much attention to detail. Getting the perfect post is damn near impossible and extremely exhaustive.
  2. Being disorganized. I function best with structured routines, deadlines, and strict goals, which I had, but lacked the accountability.
    1. Being disorganized ultimately leads to poor life style habits succumbing to the abundance of distractions at home while trying to balance the array of school work, business club projects, internship seeking, and the blog which proved more difficult without strict deadlines and a good system.

Its Not Too Late for a New Years Resolution!

Organization & Accountability

We all can use little structure and balance in our lives. I only have 24 hours to eat, sleep, and be productive. With so many different responsibilities I need to organize my day in an efficient way in order to maximize my time. So specifically, I plan to work towards being organized by keeping a strict sleeping schedule.

Persistance & Motivation

Not only do I want to commit to maintaining quality content, but also a constant stream of content. When first starting this blog, I knew it would take quite some commitment and devotion, but how much was vastly underestimated. This blog is the one project that have for me, where no one tells me what topics to write about or when to write it. I started this blog because I am optimistic about the future and I know it will help me grow and learn new things; so it is important to stay motivated and persistant.

Topics I Know Well

As a student, I end up trying to blog on topics that I am interested in learning about, which is a good yet discouraging problem sometimes since I might end up spending the vast majority of time researching and learning. That said, I plan on blogging about things I know well, which now that I am finishing my junior year of university, I have a lot more to work with.

Starting an Actively Managed Diversified Portfolio

I’ve been speculating on the stock market since I was 18; yet I have never maintained an actively managed diversified portfolio. I want to start managing a diversified portfolio and put it up publicly on this site by the end of December this year. It probably sounds like I’m already procrastinating, but the market has been taking a bit of a turn recently and I expect the market to continue being bearish for the first few months of 2016. I’ll most likely start with seven to ten securities by end of March; But as of now, it isn’t yet the best time diversify and assume a greater amount of systematic risk. So while I’m waiting for prices to get a little bit more ripe, I’ll be taking an investment analysis course during the spring quarter.

My bets

Obviously I do not have a crystal ball, but I have a few predictions for 2016. Some are based off of research and others have a little more gut involved.

Silver (SLV or USLV): SLV is at a multi year low. Silver does well when there is economic instability or people don’t trust currency.

Whole Foods Market (WFM): I have a Whole Foods analysis post coming soon. Although professional analyists are still a bit bearish on WFM, they are benefitting from a strong dollar and low oil prices. In addition, the grocery chain has very low leverage and will be slowly rolling out their everyday value stores. If the stores seem successful, they will be in the position to penetrate an untapped part of the grocery market.

Oil: I’m keeping a close eye on oil. Yes there are a lot of geopolitical factors at play, but I know it won’t stay low forever. Has it reached bottom yet? No idea, but it is getting pretty close.

Twitter (TWTR): I think twitter will be a good pick, not because they have been slashed in half since May, or because of buy out rumors but simply because they have such a good user base. Personally, I believe Twitter has a pretty loyal user base. Also, I have clicked on Twitter ads (I never click on ads). I haven’t yet looked closely at Twitter’s financial reports, it is such a social media power house, I don’t understand how the company is running into trouble.

current prices

current prices

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