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Tesloop A New Generation of Travel

Tesloop, a small start up, will begin transporting passengers with Tesla’s Model S between Vegas and LA on July first. Tesloop is the first to build upon Tesla as a platform with a mission to offer “safe, enriching, and sustainable transportation”.

Tesloop is offering affordable prices for trips between Los Angeles and Las Vegas only costing $75. Tesloop is a zero emission and cheaper alternative than flight and much more comfortable than bus; not to mention you will be brought to your hotel on the strip with out ever having to deal with pesky TSA security, shuttles, rentals or cabs.

At first I was unconvinced of its feasibility mostly because of the battery being the biggest variable. You just don’t know for sure how the battery is going hold and how much range loss to calculate for, especially if you use the super chargers frequently; but the more I thought about tesloop’s idea; the more brilliant it seemed, and to some extent, pretty low risk too.

Range loss may not be so bad after all since for the model S “…there’s reason for optimism” for the reason that range loss for the initial Tesla, the Roadster, was much better than expected; It held 80-85% of its range after a hundred thousand miles as opposed to the predicted 70% capacity after fifty thousand miles or five years.

Tesla’s batteries have only gotten better since the company has subsequently continued to put big money into battery R&D.

Another reason why Tesloop does not need to worry about battery defectiveness and significant range loss is because their first vehicle has the 85kWh battery, the only battery pack to offer a limited warranty for infinite miles within 8 years. There isn’t much that will void the warranty besides vehicle modification and overloading the vehicle, which shouldn’t be so hard to observe. The vehicle load limit is 954lb, which means that luggage may not total more than 350lbs assuming four people weighing 150 are in the car.

It seems like Tesloop will truly be able to harness Tesla’s full potential and monetize off of it without extreme difficulty by fully leveraging a Tesla’s low operating costs.

I’ll be using Tesloop the next time I go between Vegas and LA!

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